The Rob Rockefeller SC Africa Center

(Full-time Main Coordination Operations Center owned by us)

Welcome to the African headquarters of The Rob Rockefeller Standard Carbon, strategically positioned in Johannesburg’s elite residential area, neighboring the historic Mandela’s villa. This remarkable 11,000 m² garden estate, embellished with a natural stream and an enchanting waterfall, serves as a beacon of innovation and excellence in South Africa.

Our expansive 2,000 m² villa is not just a structure; it’s a powerhouse of corporate luxury and efficiency. With a state-of-the-art swimming pool and an event area designed for corporate gatherings, this venue embodies the blend of business and leisure.

Security and discretion are the cornerstones of our operations. The estate is fortified with 3-meter-high walls and an advanced alarm system with human recognition capabilities, ensuring utmost privacy and safety. Round-the-clock guardianship of both the garden and the villa underscores our commitment to security and exclusivity.

Experience the pinnacle of corporate presence at The Rob Rockefeller Standard Carbon’s African headquarters, where business acumen meets tranquility and luxury.