November 22, 2023

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    November 24, 2023

    Today Our Vice President Valentino Loforese visited officially our new The Rob Rockefeller Africa Center in Johannesburg with our President for Africa and 🇿🇦 CEO Branch Eddy David Malese and his team :

    LADY NTOMBIYENKOSI GOODNESS NGCOBO (Office Director / CEO personal Assistent)

    Dr. TIYISELANI PHILLIPINES HLONGWANE (Branch Executce Business Development)

    LAWYER JIM BOSODI MATEMANE (Branch Corportate Law Specialist)

    Our center is located in the central residential area of Johannesburg , large 14.000 m2 : 11.000 m2 of garden crossed by a stream with a small natural waterfall and 3000 m2 of villa with offices.